Erin Miller Images: Blog en-us (C) Erin Miller Images (Erin Miller Images) Mon, 13 May 2013 21:21:00 GMT Mon, 13 May 2013 21:21:00 GMT Erin Miller Images: Blog 80 120 Deep Six in Concert This was a new experience for me.  My friend Erin and her husband play in a Garage Band, and asked me to come photograph them in concert.  The environment was very different than I am used to, but it was a blast to try something new, and to listen to this great band.

You guys ROCKED!  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of such a fun night.

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Thomas's First Birthday I love birthdays, but a baby's first birthday is probably the best.  It has been so much fun to be a part of capturing this milestone for some of the most adorable little people I know, and Thomas was no exception.  His mom and Grandma put on a wonderful party on a perfect sunny day.

Lots of friends and family came to wish him a happy birthday.

Cake time!

This kid had fun with his cake!


Fun time for all, thanks, Thomas, for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

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Harper's Birthday I have the privilege of being able to take some snapshots for Harper's first Birthday party.  What a cutie!

Her amazing mommy made everything look fantastic, what an eye for detail!

Harper was a sleepy little birthday girl... even with over fifty guests, she was sleeping soundly...

Finally awake, and almost ready to party.

Like all good parties, there were lots of presents...

and cake to share...

and lots of people to love!

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Austin- Tacoma Senior Photography This was a fun shoot.  Austin and his mom met me in downtown Tacoma to do his senior pictures.  They are both wonderful, beautiful people, and it was fun to get to know them.

It is hard to choose my favorite images from the session...

Austin is a great kid, with big plans for the future... and he looks great in all his pictures, doesn't he?

Ok, this one might actually be my very favorite... he posed with his mom for a few pictures at the end of our session.  Isn't she beautiful?  And I love the way he looks at her.  He really loves you, mom!  You have a great kid, and it was a pleasure to meet you both!

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Tacoma A few images from around Tacoma.

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Seattle I had a wonderful opportunity last week to spend some time in Seattle, learning more about photography, and hanging out with other photographers.












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Pretty in Pink I had a terrible time trying to convince my girls to dress up and pose for valentines day... they just don't have much patience with me!  :)

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Mural Pics The city of Tacoma recently completed a fun mural near where we live...


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baby in the grass

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The P Family (and their pup) Just a few shots from the day after Christmas in Downtown Tacoma

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Jo Jo and I had fun walking around downtown Tacoma, even though the weather wasn't the best.

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Playing in the Sun

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Emily & Thomas I had the chance to photograph Emily and Thomas the other day.  We were hoping for an outside shoot in the park, but when it began to pour down rain, we headed indoors instead.

Little Thomas is just six months old, and so cute!

Look at those eyes!

What fun kids!

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Jonathan & Tonia I had the opportunity take a few family pictures in the park for Jonathan and Tonia and their adorable family.

Their little girl is such a charmer!

Beautiful family!

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Puddle Reflections A quick photoshoot between the rainstorms to capture girls playing in the puddles.

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